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Support and contributing

Donation and support

If you liked this project and are ready to support it for further development, you can do so using Bitcoin:

  • Cryptocurrency

    BTC wallet

    BTC Wallet: 1BKR5d91YUic3aqwc6nTGTMLkGBBrZkkcj


Structure of the project

Path to docs: /docs
Path to images: /docs/images Path to firmwares: /docs/firmwares
Path to parameter files: /docs/parameters Path to templates (e.g. used in utils): /overrides/pages

Main configuration file: mkdocs.yml

Adding new codings

You can use the template below to add new codings

    ### Name of coding / adaptation

    !!! tip ""
        Tip/info message

    !!! warning ""
        Some warning message

    ``` yaml title="логин-пароль: XXXXX (if applicable)"
    Block XX → Adaptation/Coding:
    Byte XX – Bit X (name): Active
    Name of volume/folder:
    - Name of parameter: activate
    → Apply

    ??? note "Collapsibale list"
        This information is displayed collapsed on the site

Inserting image to the page:

Inserting file to the page:
[(Name of file)](LinkToFile)

Adding localizations

If you want to help in translating this site to English language, please contribute a localization!

Follow these steps to add a localization:

  1. Copy particular file in /docs directory to new with lang suffix. Example: →
  2. Start translating the strings
  3. Edit mkdocs.yaml and edit the following variables. Make sure that all navigation items translated correctly
        Name in Russian: Name in English
  4. Create a PR with your localization updates.