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Aesthetic lights

Dim ambient lighting to a higher level

SFD: yes Tested SW: 0159-0161

Control unit 9 → Adjustments:
- KL58 Einschalten mit Rampe: active
→ Apply

Adjust start button illumination

SFD: no Tested SW: 0725

Login code: 10587
Control unit B7 → Adjustments:
DevCod_ Search lights:
- Suchbeleuchtung_ZAT_Beleuchtung_SES_Variante_aktiv: activated (LED = dim), not_avtivated (LED = bright)
- Suchbeleuchtung_ZAT_SES_Mode: activated (LED flashing), not_activated (LED = on)
→ Apply

ambient colors

SFD: yes Tested SW: 0161

Control unit 9 → Adjustments:
- Hmi_ambient_colors_fod_bitmask: 3F FF FF FF
- Hmi_contour_colors_fod_bitmask: 3F FF FF FF
→ Apply